Sunday, 23 April 2017

About Time - You Don't Need to Change Your World

Assalamu'alaikum Wr.Wb


So, I want to tell you a little story. About 2 days ago I had a quiet free time. So I decided to spend my time to watch some movies [Considering, that I rarely watch movies when I enter high school]. Well, I finally found a list of many movie titles. Especially a movie with romance-drama genre. And I really love it. Suddenly, I found the movie that I really wanted to watch since a year ago, “About Time”. Then I decided to watch it. And in the end of the movie, I'm so touched. This is my review of the About Time movie.

Tim (Domhnall Gleeson) is a son of a family. At the age of 21, suddenly Tim's father (Bill Nighy) tells that all men in their family have a special ability, which is time travel. They cannot go into the future, but can go to the past.

Tim met Mary
It’s quite interesting, considering many people want to go back to the past to fix things they think are wrong. Same with Tim, he tried several times using his ability in the case of the less fortunate for him, especially women. But whether by fixing the past he is doing the right thing?

One day Tim met Mary (Rachel McAdams), the pretty girl who made her fall in love at first sight. But for some reason, Tim decides to go back the day before to help a friend who is having trouble. At that time he managed to help his friend, but on the other hand he lost one of the important moments in his life, that is meeting Mary. Then how was Tim's attempt to get back to meet Mary? From there, he embarked on a journey of time. And a lots things happened.

Behind this Movie
Richard Curtis, he has been experienced in producing movies with the theme of romance. Though he only directed the "Love Actually" movie that I really like about it. But, his name still exists in some films with similar genres as a screenwriter. So this time, with the help of names like Rachel McAdams, Domhnell Gleeson, and Bill Nighy enlivening her latest movie About Time. A romantic comedy drama like the other Richard Curtis movies. But there are some things that make this movie at least different. The science-fiction and time travel elements used in this film.

About the Movie
I don’t know how to start the story. At the beginning of the conflict, this film is a little bit confusing, but then I realized the beginning of the story is in use when another conflict appear in the middle of this film. The story in this movie is very ordinary too and can be found in everyday life. But the packaging and the story is very interesting. I really enjoy 123 minutes of this About Time without feeling sleepy even though I watched this movie in the midnight. It's like I will watch it again because this movie is simple and sweet.

The best part is, this film was not only presents romance drama, but About Time also has a family drama about father-son relationships that are not less good. The sentimental side of the audience was not only given to the romance story, but instead also given to the father-son relationship in this movie. Provides a warm atmosphere for this movie. I was crying in this scene.
Tim and His Father

There are so many beautiful moments on this movie. Make us smile, laugh, and at the same time sad and painful. This mixed feeling is the thingthat makes me so fond and enjoy the slow pace of this About Time movie. Overall, About Time is a love travel movie with time travel spice in a very sweet wrapped. Although still looks less focused at the beginning of the film. But, About Time is a package of romance and father-son relationship that was very good to follow. My Favorite, My Guilty Pleasure. Lovable. 

"My Son, My Dad"

"Even we get an ability to travel in time and fix our mistakes and doing something that we like again, but there's a time that we must allowed that moment to let go."

Thank You

Love and Kindness

Inspiring Source : Arul's Movie Review

Sunday, 9 April 2017

PAMAN GOBER - Green the Earth!

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Hello guys! So in this March until April, there are a lots of free-time, because our seniors in 3 SHS joining some tests or something like that in their last year in senior high school. So, we as a 10th and 11th grade having the free time. So in this free time, 3 SHS Bandung usually do a many events, so maybe I will tell you a lot of things about this activities. If you already read my previous blog “DEWA ATHENA” [Click Here], you already know that that was one of the events too. And now, I will tell you about PAMAN GOBER.

PAMAN GOBER is stands for from “PenanAMAN dan GOwes BERsama”, which mean in English it’s called planting and cycling together. Unfortunately I do not join the activities. It’s because my grandma from east java came to Bandung. And I have to greet her well. Besides that, my mother also have a graduation for her S2 degree in Jakarta for next 12th April, yep! You’re right, my birthday! So we have to prepare it well. But don’t worry! I’ve done interrogating my friend, so now I know what is happening in PAMAN GOBER activities and I can tell it to you, Guys!
A Ton of Bycycle
So, it was held by 11th grade, and our senior told us, that we should bring our own bicycle, for those who doesn’t have bicycle they can borrow it on school. And from some photos that I saw, there are a ton of bicycles! But for those who doesn’t have bicycle, they should come to school in early, in case that the bicycle might be exhausted. Let’s begin the story!

First, if you want to borrow the bicycle, you should pick one bicycle that you loved. And then the committee will write our name and the bicycle’s number on a paper. And then we should go to the Bali field. My friend told me, that in our class at 6 o’clock there are just two of them. They persuaded others to come, but ya you know, it was too early.
My Class Friends

But after the others class joined and there are some students have already came, the opening ceremony began at about half 7. The ceremony went right and having no problem. After that the committee checked the attendance and followed by the passage of events.

Cycling Route
For me, the cycling route is not too far. The route began from Bali field until beside 14 SHS. It was almost half of the route that I took when I want to go to school, so this route was familiar for me. But my friend told me, that it was quiet far. So, I started to think that maybe the committee don’t passed the big road, maybe they took the little road. As I saw my other friend’s story on Instagram, it seems like there’s no motorcycle or car. So maybe I’m right

After that, they’re all planting some plants. Have you read my essay post? [Click Here] I would love to do some planting event in my school. But unfortunately I cannot go to this activity. I really sad remembering it. But, before they started to plant, there was a symbolic ceremony. The instructor gave them a lot of lessons. They planted the plant on a soldier area near with the 14 SHS. They didn’t took a long time and went back to school. They arrived at about 10 o’clock with their legs broken, Haha. But my friend told me, that it was a nice experience. She even want to do this again next year. And the important thing is “Since we are still in the 10th grade, we can look our handsome senior who ride the motorbike, taking care of us,” she said.

So, what do you think? It is very important to keep our earth green. The government and also each of school in Indonesia do many activities to keep our Earth. This activity is also included in it. So! What else to wait? Keep our earth green and love it!

"Heaven is under our feet as well as over our heads. Earth"
- Henry David T, Walden

Thank You

Love and Kindness

Sources : 
Story and Photos - Meisha Reihani A

Saturday, 1 April 2017

DEWA ATHENA - Sport Championship

Assalamu'alaikum Wr.Wb


How are you? So, I will tell you about my past event. It was held on SMAN 3 Bandung, it's about a sport championship between classes or it was called PORAK, with its name DEWA ATHENA. It was held in 2 days of 2 weeks, I mean in every Saturday. So, would you like to hear my story?

Class's Jersey
First, for the basic thing. A month before we joined DEWA ATHENA, we were commanded to make a class’s jersey, it was like a sport clothes. So then, I was appointed to make the design, include the design for the clothes and also our class logo, because we didn’t have any logo before. But, unfortunately, boys in our class didn’t agree with my design because they want something simple. So then, they decided to make a new design and girls choosed the color. So finally, after a month we waited, the jersey was done and we could use it. 

Back to the topic. There were 8 sports were matched. They were Basketball, Football, Volley, Badminton, Dodge Ball, Tug of War, Estafet Run, and Gobak Sodor. I think you all knew how to play the sport, unless the last one.

Gobak Sodor consists of two teams. In one team there are three people. A rule of thumb is to intercept the opponent, so they cannot escape to the last line in a back and forth. Team members who have a "guard" turn will maintain the field, the way is guarded by a horizontal line and there is also keeping the vertical boundary line. To determine who is the winner of all team, members must complete the back and forth process in a predetermined area of the field. This game is very interesting, fun and very difficult because each person must always be the guard and ran as fast as possible if necessary to achieve victory. 

So, because there were quiet lot of sport, we divide equally a lot of members in each sport. And I choose to play Football and Tug of War. It was really an interesting game, I mean sport. 

Football for Boys
I think I will tell you just about the sport that I’ve joined. So first football. You know, if we see the boy playing football or soccer, they played it beautifully. They took over and passing smoothly. But, we can see, if the girl play it, it was just like some ants finding a pile of sugar. Sometimes I laugh if this things happen. And, in the first round, I didn’t play, just curious how did they played it. And we were lose. Almost forget, we matched with the X-Science-3. We get 2-0. In the second round, I entered the arena, and because I get “mad”, proudly I scored 1. But still, the fortune didn’t come to us, we were shortage on time and ended up with score 2-1.

Tug of War
Second, I enjoyed the tug of war game. It was 10 against 10. 5 boys and 5 girls. It’s divided in 2 rounds, but each of our groups had the same score. So we did the third round. And we won, even though our friend had a finger injury, because he as the team lead, he pulled the rope too hard. But in the semifinal, when we against the x-science-1, we lose. Oh they were so strong. But honestly, I enjoyed this game so much.

Dodge Ball for Boys
Oh yeah, almost missed, that I replaced one of my friend position in girl dodge ball, she said that she cannot play because she had some additional lessons. So, I should replace her. Yeah. And because I’m not familiar with the game, I lost.

That were what happened in 2 days. Since I can’t tell you ‘how is it going with other sports?’ I just want to tell you that it was a quiet cool event. My friends and I laughed a lot there, and we enjoyed watching a lot of sport too, without forget to discuss about other jerseys look like. Yeah, I think I love to share this experience with you too. Hope your sport event goes right! Thank you for reading, until next time!!!

Thank You

Love and Kindness

Friday, 3 March 2017

Cross Word Puzzle - Let's Play!

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So, couple days ago, my friend and I had made a crossword puzzle. Crossword puzzle is a very popular game among all the groups. It is a very interesting at the same time very intellectual game. Crossword puzzles are not only a great pass time activity but also a very healthy hobby. You can find crossword puzzles on the internet, newspapers, and even magazines. But now, my friend and I had made it. 

So, we had a unique trick to make this puzzle up. How? Our teacher gave us two large plastic of bottle caps that have been given letters. And we had to take 100 bottle caps with the provisions of each letters. For example, for the letter A we took 9 bottle caps, for the letter B we had to take two bottle caps, and so on. We should arrange the bottle caps into a collection of words as much as possible and should not be left. I'll give you an answer key down below, and also the picture of our crossword from bottle caps. 

Well, for you who don’t know how to play, we have some basic rules here. Honestly, crossword is a very easy and simple game. Anyone of any age can play this game. In this games, you have to fill up those empty black boxes and white boxes with the right words. There are ‘Across’ boxes and ‘Down’ boxes. Your job is to understand the statements and fill up those boxes until it done. Let's try it!

1. Large and heavy animals that have thick hair and sharp claws and that can stand on two legs.
2. A device consisting of two rows that are brought together by pulling a small sliding piece over them.
3. Past simple and past participle of keep.
4. A treatment for the hands that involves making the skin feel softer and making the nails look better by cutting, smoothing, and painting them.
5. Flour mixed with water and often yeast, fat, or sugar, so that it is ready for baking.
6. Move slowly or with difficulty, especially with your body stretched out along the ground or on hands and knees.
7. The present tense of sat.
8. The ability to share someone else's feelings or experiences by imagining what it would be like to be in that person's situation.
9. very, extremely, or to such a degree.
10. Has same meaning with : every one (of), or the complete amount or number (of), or the whole (of).
11. The direction from which the sun rises in the morning.
12.Great happiness.
13. The most powerful piece on the board in the game of chess.
14. He/she/it form of be.
15. Unpleasantly proud and behaving as if you are more important or know more than, other people.
16. The present tense of did.
17. To experience something physical or emotional.very, extremely, or to such a degree.
18.  A preposition that has the same meaning with 'inside'.

1. Something that usually you read
2. Big cat
3. Things that have a mirror on it
4. A bake dish of fruit, or meat, or vegetables, typically with a top and base of pastry
5. Blow away your breath
6. Things
7. Test of English as a Foreign Language
8. Greatings
9. Verb two of stand
10. A dark blue color
11. A piece of string, cord, or the like used for fastening or typing something
12. A synonym for words such as cool, tight, and amazing
13. Brough back to live or activity
14. A Water 

So how is it? Isn't it easy? Enjoy your time!
Oke then, see you in my next post!

Thank You

Love and Kindness

Source: (edited)

Monday, 27 February 2017

Essay - Life With Nature

Assalamu'alaikum Wr.Wb

Life with Nature

We have to know what nature is. In my opinion, nature is everything consist in our ecosystems, including animals, plants, weathers, landscapes, and everything product by earth or made by god. As we know that ourselves is also the part of nature. And nature is really important, why? Let’s discuss it.

In this era, people are egoist, they have their own activities and started to forget even damage nature itself. For example, things which destroy it such as littering, anorganic and unstructured trash, there are so much air pollution because a lot of pabrics or transportations, and the important one is illegal logging. And all of them can make such a horrible things that doesn’t make any benefit, never, it’s bad, cling, stead. Example of the impacts are ocean warming and arctic icecap rising, or hotwave, also sealevel rising and flood disaster. And sometimes, it can make war between itself and also in one condition it can make some war and economic problems. There are a lot of impacts we will get because of it.

If we asked“what are our opinions about it?”, sure we will say ‘We hate it’. But again if we asked “what can we do?”then we’ll stay quiet. We don’t know what to do nor care about it even when we know that nature has many benefits, even much. We got what we need such as water the really important thing, and also clean air or oxygen from trees which is we can’t life without it, and another example is pollination of crops. And much more than that, if we see nature itself, enjoy the scenery, mounts, great trees, animals around it, the fresh air, and simply if we take the wild forest picture, it can make our heart feel calm and quiet and free.

We can’t live without nature. Again, nature is very and really important. Let’s take it deeply. The little thing is water, who doesn’t need water, we can’t take a bath, plants can’t do the photosynthesis, and you will die in 5 days without mineral that you consumed. Or the very little thing and usually we don’t even remember, air. In 1 second if there is no air, you know what will happen.

So if we think the way when you imagine all of the example about the beauty of nature that I gave, the benefit of nature, and others, what will we do? What is our contribution to it? What can we do to make a better life with nature? And how to protect it? Me as a senior high school student, or even me as myself, and all of us as a human, we should and must keep nature.

We can do many things. As a good citizen, we can decrease the air or another pollution.We can go to somewhere by public transportation or bike and even walk happily. Bring food from home so we will stop trashing around with plastics or others and make a better place without them. And we can protect plants, some people like to cut leaves, and hurt it, we take the plants crown which is flowers, because it’s beauty. But you should know, if we like the beauty of a flower we will cut it, but if we love the beauty of flower, we will keep it safe and protect it.

Honestly my previous Junior high school ever made a contribution in growing plants and take care of it. My friends and I bring some plants, and planted it in our school’s garden. We feel very happy and amazed when we started to water it. I hope I can do it again in next time.

And what can we feel if the world become greater with nature? Surely, we will feel safe because we far from any disease and disaster, we will live a healthy life without pollution.  We can have a better vision, and have many ideas or get a sharper thinking and many creativity we can do in our life. Like I’ve said that we are also the part of nature, so if we broke it, we damage our life. “Look deep into nature, and then you will find and understand everything better.”

Thank you

Love and Kindness

Tuesday, 31 January 2017

Favourite Song - Written in Your Heart

Assalamu'alaikum Wr.Wb
Hi All!


     It's always be a very long time to know you reading my post, like always miss you! Hehe. So, like every post, I think, I have a random cute things to tell. And do you know? What theme is it? Song! Music! Oh dear you, who do not love music I think that person can not enjoy the beauty of life in the world. Okay, let's first discuss the basics.

     Music? What do you think about music? Let's share our opinion about music. For me, music is everything. If you feel sad, dissapointed, confused? that's all can be resolved with the music.

     I've discussed with my friend, she also has a blog, you can see it, click the link [Click Here]. And we talked about random things, and began to suggestive to the music. For her, music can be an entertain things, when we feel in a very down and sad feelings, but she says, we still have to choose the type of music. We have the same opinion. But for me, I'm biased blessed with all kinds of music, slow music espescially. I do not not like rock music, sometimes I like. But I will be calmer and enjoy the music, when the music itself is quiet music. So, what your favorite type of music? I would be pleased if you would comment on the text box.

     Ow, you should know that all of the Disney song, and also Barbie Song, that's all kind of music that makes me feel very happy, it sometimes makes  me dance full of perfectly feelings. Examples "For the first time in forever - Frozen", "Right Here in My Arms - Barbie as the Islands Princess", "Tale as Old as Time - Beauty and the Beast ", "I Am A Girl Like You - Barbie as the Princess and the Pauper", and Also the instrument one you can hear it in my music bar," Part of Your World - The Little Mermaid ". You can find more than 7777 songs that good to hear.

     It's tricky when you sholud pick one of the 7.777+ more songs. They're all were good, oh God, choosing one of it makes me feel like I discriminate a lot of my kids. But finally I choose Written in Your Heart from Barbie as the Princess and the Pauper movie. So let me tell you, I found again this song in maybe a couple weeks ago, and suddenly fell in love with it. Why? It’s not just because of the instrument ~one of the many parts I loved about music~, the meaning of this song really touched me.

-Written in Your Heart Barbie as the Princess and the Pauper movie-

And your always free to begin again
And your always free to believe
When you find the place that your heart belongs
You'll never leave

You and I will always be
Celebrating life together
I know I have found a friend forever more
Love is like a melody
One that I will always treasure
Courage is the key that opens every door

Though you may not know where your gifts may lead
And it may not show at the start
When you live your dream 
You'll find destiny 
Is written in your heart

Though you may not know where your gifts may lead
And it may not show at the start
When you live your dream 
You'll find destiny 
Is written in your heart

My Opinion About This Song
     My opinion about this song when I relate it with my life is we all can free to begin again if we do a wrong thing, and we free to believe that we can do it better. All of it can happen when we already have a comfortable place to start over. And also the results do not appear nor show in the beginning, but it all can started from a dream. We should dream high, and when we believed that dream, the magic and destiny will lead us to a dream come true. And of course we always have a friend who will support us, we must have the courage and kindness as the key to success. All will flow like a river and the melody, if we are always search and try hard. Then we will realize that everything is determined by God. 

     I made this song as my motivation to fight in real life, especially now that I am a teenager who often make failure. But when I remember this song, I'm trying to get back up and start again. feel like never hesitate to make mistakes. This song taught me that being a good person, kind, and friendly if accompanied by a sincere effort will bring me to successful.

"Never underistamate yourself. If you're unhappy with your life, fix what's wrong and keep stepping. When You live your dream, you'll find destiny is written in your heart."

See my next post!
Thank you

Love and Kindness

Monday, 9 January 2017

My Holiday - Happy New Year 2017!

Assalamu'alaikum Wr.Wb  

It's awesome to know you're reading this post now! so first thing first, Happy New Year 2017 to all of you guys! I'm verry happy because this is my first post in 2017, since i posted 13 posts in last year. Also we know that we had a semester holiday last week, so the theme of this post is Holiday! Yaaz! How's your holiday guys? Hope it goes nicely! Tell me in the comment box. I want to know yours, because i want to tell you mine too! so come on enjoy my writing. 

Some of my friends told me that they had a good and also fantastic holiday, you can see my friend's holiday stories in my class's blog [Click Here]. And also they had many aktivities on their holidays. I was just happy to hear their story but now let's not talk about their holiday, because like I've said, I want to tell mine.

So, if I wasn't wrong, 23 November 2016 was the beginning of my holiday. Honestly, I wasn't going anywhere, although I ever went to Jakarta, but still mostly I spent my time at home. Yeah on the first day of holiday I was really really happy, because finally I could watched Korean Drama! Uyeaah.. Yea you know I had a very busy aktivities at school, so I forgot how to be happy. Hehe. I woke up~just like normal people on holiday~at 9. Uyeaah.. Without forgeting Sholat Shubuh of course. And then like usually I did on holiday, I swept the garden because my guava tree shed their leaves. After that I went breakfast with "kind of food that I've forgot" and then started to watch drama.

Hey you who loved to watch drama maybe know many cool dramas who existed at that time. and I just confused which drama should I watch. Because there were many dramas I haven't watch during the school time. so I picked some random dramas, such as Descendants of the sun, Doctors, and Let's Fight Ghost!. You know I have no interest in DOTS and Doctors yet, but Let's Fight Ghost! make me feel Wow because it was kind of Horror drama. And in (maybe) 4 days I finished it and started to confused again to pick another drama.  There were Goblin, The legend of the blue sea and also Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok Joo. I asked my friend's opinion and they said that they were all good dramas. Until now I do not watch TLOTBS yet. But I ever tried to watch Goblin and unfortunately I don't like Goblin's first actrees. So I started to wath Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok Joo, and that was a really good drama. It told us about a 20 years old girl weightlifter who fall in love in the first time. And the actor also actrees were all handsome and beautiful. Until now the drama wasn't finished yet, but next Wednesday sadly the last episode will be aired.I suggest you to watch this drama.

Oh yeah, in addition to the dramas that I watched on this summer, I also want to share my experience while watched the fireworks. It’s just like a festival of fireworks and that was so fun when I watched it on the roof of my uncle house. First of all, why do I say that it was very fun? I will start from the time when I was a little. I had a house with a terrace in front of my house. it located in the basin of the hill, so I could see a lot of beautiful fireworks, enough just from the terrace. But then, the sad story began when my neighbor built their house higher. It stopped me to see the fireworks on top of the hill. And every year since then, I could see just a little of fireworks up in the sky. 

But this year, I could watch that phenomenon again, perhaps even more beautiful. When I visited my uncle’s house in Jakarta earlier, my aunt and uncle built their house higher. They had spacious and nice roof. Thus, when New Year's Eve has arrived, I happily ran to the roof to watch the fireworks. Jakarta city was just like fireworks plains at that time. In every corner, I could see the line of fireworks. I have a video where a lot of fireworks lit up above my head. Very beautiful.

Initially, I wanted to go to many places, to spend my holiday time. In addition, it is also for refreshing my  tired brain after too long study. But my mother told me that maybe we would not go anywhere. She said it was nice to took a rest at home. But in fact, I also had a happy moment when we went to Jakarta.

My father invited us all to walk around somewhere, having fun. But yeah, you'd know. It wasn’t Jakarta if there was no traffic jam on the roads. We were a little confused to choose a vacation spot because of that. Until the end we decided to go to Kebun Raya Bogor. Travel to got there was very nice, hehe lying. I slept all the way.

We arrived at the Kebun Raya Bogor about at 10 am. We visited the orchid garden. I was mesmerized by the beauty of orchids. There were lots of orchids. We took many pictures and then went away. Unfortunately, I can't show some pictures, as it relates to my privacy. After that we toured the Kebun Raya Bogor used car, and after finished it also felt happy, we went home.

Actually we did not just go home. We were able to visited one of the stores who had a very tasty Asinan. I forgot what the name of the shop. After that, because of thirst, we bought fresh coconuts on the roadside. The Coconuts fruit was very refreshing. We also bought a huge jackfruit. Once we got home, we tasted the jackfruit, and its fruit is also very tasty. Ah really, this holiday in Jakarta were very pleasant.

We went home to Bandung two days after the day when we went to Kebun Raya Bogor. We brought a half of our Jackfruit, hehe. I asked.

The rest of the holidays I spent on my extracuricular, SSR activities, we had Nagabonar event and we should decorate some rooms.

Maybe that's all I want to tell. Other time I would like to tell you more stories. I hope you enjoyed reading. Once again, may 2017 will be the great year for us! Bye!

Thank you

Love and Kindness

Monday, 12 December 2016

CAMPRT - My First Camp II

Assalamu'alaikum Wr.Wb
Hi hi hi!


Hello again! Already finished reading my first post? If you don't, you can see here [Click Here], it will be better if you've read the post.

Okay, I'll continue to our story. Until which part did i told you yesterday? Oh! Cooking competition! Yes, I was really excited at that time. As what we planned before we going camping, that we were going to cook super delicious fried rice. Huumm. We planned to cook 4 healthy 5 perfect food. So we brought a lot of cold vegetables and spices as well as a complementary sausage. Unfortunately there were some little problem with the parrafin or small stove for cooking. It was hard to ignite the fire, while other groups have started cooking their dish. The difficulty increases when we've managed to light the fire but it started raining, but we were grateful that the rain was not so heavy, so we can continue cooking our dish.

We divided our Sangga in to two groups, one group for cutting and processing spices and also keep the tent safe, while the other one were cooking behind the tent. The second group had more members, because some girls had to cover those who were cooking so that they couldn't get wet. When we cooked, we were assisted by a tutor, because it was a little bit hard to keep the fire, also not forget we took turns to sholat maghrib. and finally the dish was finished and ready to be served, we also didn't get late when finished this food. Then immediately we gave the food to the committee so they can taste and judge it, while the rest of our meal was used for dinner with the pilus as the complementary. Unfortunately, I was too busy with the material, so I can not document what was going on. it finished and completed at about 8 pm.

Furthermore, we have fun again, still with eating the snacks that we brought. Perhaps you wonder how many kilos the snacks the snacks that we brought, because it sounds so much. But that was true. Indeed, we brought a lot of snacks, you can still read the 'snack' words on the next day. While resting, we did sholat isya, and also heard the sound of guitar that the boys played, they also sang many song in the field beside us, cheerfully.

BONFIRE! too excited
Until finally! Bonfire! Yes. Around eight-thirty, the committee announced that there will be a bondfire in the field above, then immediately I took my jacket before went out because the air was so cold. We went up the slippery road. And when I got in to the goal place, I saw a bondfire for the first time in the wide outdoors. Whoa, awesome bonfire at that time. The cold air turned in to warm because the light from the fire. I invited my friend to take the front row in order to see the fire more clearly. hehe, this is my first time, so I felt very happy. You can saw the opening of bonfire ceremony with the spirit song in the video down below. Although not so complete, but hopefuly this video can describe the circumstances.

Then we gathered in accordance with each class for performing arts from each class. have i told you about this? It seems not. So, in here every class perform any songs or whatever around the bondfire. And my class chose to sing the song Yellow from Coldplay, and some boys play it with guitars. Actually, the song fits very perfect with the atmosphere that was full of stars. But the bad weather seem canceled the plan. So when the rain began to fall slowly and enlarged, we immediately ran back to each tent. and certainly my jacket got wetness, but thanks to my friend because he could help me by sharing his jacket and at least reduce wetness. Well, although the event aren't really finished, but I'm still glad, delighted with the cool bonfire.

We were very exhausted when came to our tent, so we decided to go straight to bed. I slept with wearing double clothes so I felt not to cold, because my jacket was wet, luckily I also bring socks, also my friend brought a sleeping bag that was large enough, so that night I could sleep soundly after looking at the flashlight that hung, dim in the tent.

The scenery from our tent

The next day, my friends rejoiced for a few minute that we will return home, eventhough  I was a little sad that I'll be leaving this camp, because I think this was very pleasant. Seriously, yes! We got up at half past four and still curled under the tent. Until then woke up again at four-fifteen. We took wudlu and then went sholat shubuh, the air and water piercing the skin, cold. Because we were felt really hungry, we ate the snacks again, hehe. When we didn't have any snack again and because of the cold air we went back to sleep again, though not deep. Until 5 o'clock, we were really woken up. Then I went out and saw the beautiful scenery. Dark blue sky and the sun began to emerge. 

Scenery behind the tent

At around half six, my friends woke up and then we started to cook breakfast, just bread with sausage and fried egg, and also ate bread with chocolate milk. After that we started to pack up and moved our stuff out. Soon after that, our tent demolished.
A little bit sad.


After that we were went up to the closing ceremony and then the next schedule was announced the announcement of the winners. our Sangga17 didn't get the championship, but the other girls group in my class won it as the first winner, we were jubilant also.

Gaizca and me also our heavy bag
went down the long road.

When trash bag and its contents was collected, we were allowed to leave the grounds, ah, finally completed, I breathed hard but took it with relief. There was a funny incident here, where my sport shoes was broken, so I wear socks and flip-flops. Here we don't take the army truc yet, because there was a Sunday market. We went down a long road about 5.5 km ~ from what I hear. Wow, it's also hard went down while also brought a heavy bag, wear sandals as well.

We were in the army truck.
Fortunately, I didn't lost my Phone again

But eventually, me with one of my friends, Gaizca, arrived in our truck. We were the first student in our class that arrived. Honestly my feet felt very hurt at the time, severe blisters between my toes, because I was only wearing sandals. But although, I'm proud, because scuffed it signifies that I have done extraordinary things. My first camping!

Ok, my long story is just until here. I am very happy to tell it to you. Hopefully one day there will be camping again. Oh yeah, I heard in the next semester the camping will be held again, I can not wait. so, wait for me in the next post! Bye!

Greetings from SANGGA 17

Love and Kindness